Customer Service

Bronco Wine Company Warehouse

For Inquiries Regarding Pick-Ups

6342 Bystrum Road
Ceres, CA 95307

Phone: (209) 272-3140
Fax: (209) 538-2243

Bronco warehouse requires a pick-up appointment
Please phone or email shipping with your release number to schedule a pick-up time. Next day appointments must be scheduled before 2:30 PM PST the day before pick-up.

Customer Service

For Purchase Order Submittal and Inquiries Regarding Orders

Please contact our customer service team with any questions regarding your order. Purchase orders should be emailed to:

Customer Service Department

Customer Service Team
Phone: (877) 411-6272

Kimberley McKenna
Customer Service Manager
Phone: (209) 272-3090

Adeana Phillips
Customer Service Supervisor
Phone: (209) 272-3087

Please allow 2 business days from receipt of PO for processing and order confirmation reply
Pallets $13.00 - Airbags $10.50/OTR/RAIL min 2 per load - Slip sheet $1.00 - Blanket Rental $180 per load

Accounts Receivable

For Inquiries About Your Account, Payments, or Invoice Copies

Accounts Receivable Department
Phone: (855) 585-9463

Kimberley McKenna
Customer Service Manager
Phone: (209) 272-3090

Please contact Accounts Receivable for EFT/ACH information.

Mail Checks to: 
PO Box 51512
Los Angeles, CA 90051

Please include remittance information for the payment being sent (i.e. invoices being paid) in the Memo section of the wire transfer (typically called 'Originator to Beneficiary Info' section), or email a remit to


For Inquiries About Compliance

Danielle Connolly
Phone: (209) 272-3141
Fax: (209) 538-2716

Christine Castello
Phone: (209) 272-3147
Fax: (209) 538-2716

Bronco Wine Co. established 1973

Family Owned | Founded 1973