Messer del Fauno brand wine bottle front view

Messer del Fauno

The Masseria is a typical southern Italian farm where the best local olive oils and wines are produced. Masseria del Fauno, located in Puglia (the "heel" of the Italian "boot"), selects and produces the best southern Italian varietal wines. We believe the success of the Italian labels in the American market is due to the wide range of unique and delicious wines that can be produced from Italian indigenous varietals at an affordable price.

Messer del Fauno offers a selection of premium southern Italian varietals, presented with elegance and sophistication. Thanks to its very favorable climatic conditions, the south of Italy can offer wines that are crafted in an International style, soft, juicy, round, and well-structured but with unique taste. This approach has influenced the success of grapes like Primitivo, the Italian original Zinfandel, and Nero d'Avola, the most famous grape from the wonderful island of Sicily.

The Sangiovese from south Italy is a more ripe and easy-drinking wine than the Tuscan Chianti version and is produced at a more moderate cost and in a more approachable fruity style.