Bottle of Falcone Family VIneyards wine bottle front view from Paso Robles

Falcone Family Vineyards

Established in 2004  │  Santa Ynez, CA. │

Our wines are the result of winemaking careers spanning several decades and appellations along the great coastal growing regions of the western United States.

These travels finally led us to Paso Robles where we meticulously planned and planted our small vineyard.

Situated at the eastern corner of the Templeton Gap, the vineyard is named after our daughter and is called Mia’s Vineyard.

Our wines reflect the soils and climate of this vineyard and the reach of our winemaking experiences. Our intent is to not only showcase the vineyard and the varietal’s unique characteristics, but also to create wines that are classic, refined and rich in nature. Enjoy!

Helen Mia and John Falcone signatures
Helen, Mia and John Falcone portrait in the vineyard

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